A Wooly Good Time

The SSWG was part of a group who put on a display and demonstration to promote using Saskatchewan wool at the Grasslands Sheep Show in Humboldt, SK. From July 22 to 24. Participants and visitors to the sheep show were informed about the value of wool, its uses and qualities, how to handle fleeces properly.

Wool processing from raw fleece to finished pieces were shown. The organizers of the Biggar Fibre Fair kindly lent their “Advantages of Wool” poster. Demonstrations of carding, spinning, and weaving went on for the whole show. Finished yarns, and knitted, woven, crocheted and felted pieces of fibre art were displayed. Many interesting conversations happened on woolly topics. The fleece competition attracted a lot of participation (about 40 fleeces) and interest. Many of the fleeces will be sold during an on-line auction, August 6-7, 2022.

Thanks to SSWG volunteers Melissa Schubert, Mena Ryan, Diney Bekkaoui, Jonina Male, and Daphne Kotzer-Schacher. Thanks also to non-SSWG volunteers Elizabeth Schubert, Brooke Aitken, Arlette Seib, Peggy Gwillim, Cathy Merkley, Sonja Welford, and Tasha Epp. Good times were had by all!


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