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Beginners Multi-shaft Weaving – 8 week course

Beginner multi-shaft weaving with Jude Haraldson

Jan 29 – April 2, 2023 (8 Sunday afternoon sessions 1-4pm, with allowances for holidays)

  • Learn to weave on a four shaft table loom
  • Learn basic weave structures
  • Design, plan and complete weaving projects

COST: $725+PST Includes Materials

Required equipment: Table loom with at least 4 shafts

If needed, a loom can be rented for the duration of course = $40 non-members; free for SSWG members,


8 WEEKS 3 hours per week instruction with additional homework

1) Introduction to weaving equipment. Prepare a warp (wool). Warp the loom.

2) Weave the first sampler (plain weave, basic twill). Finishing techniques. Finish the fabric.

Read weaving pattern drafts.

3) Project planning and records. Plan second sample warp. Prepare second sample warp

(cotton). Warp the loom.

4) Weave the second sampler (more twills). Weaving yarns and fibres – characteristics and

uses. Plan final project. Materials and equipment sources (order yarns if necessary).

5) Prepare third sampler (cotton). Warp the loom (possible alternative method). Weave third

sampler (colour gamp).

6) Evaluate final project plans. Prepare final project. Warp the loom.

7) Weave final project. Finishing techniques. Weaving resources.

8) Evaluate projects. Future directions in weaving. Try weaving on floor loom

Ages 18+. Standard cancellation policies apply to all participants.

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